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The moment you are all waiting for. Let me share a little info with you...
We will be kicking off this season of RELIC much like we did last year. We will have a Meet and Greet day at The War Room game store Feb 21 from 4 to end. At this event we will be doing the following:
* There will be a Rules Errata released (not a new version). Expect changes to Attribute/Vital system and some basic Skill realigning. Players who attend this Meet & Greet day will be allowed a limited respend. (Subject to staff approval: Name/Race/Core Concepts may NOT be changed)
* New players who show up to The War Room will be given an additional 2 build to a character they create there.
* Old players who bring new players to The War Room will receive an additional 1 build per newbie, when that newbie pays for their first event (prereg at The Warroom counts!)
* Anyone who preregisters for the first 3day of the season will get the opportunity to pull from "The Lost Hat". The Lost Hat will contain a random selection of Lost Skills in the game. The drawing of one of the Lost Skills represents the ability to be taught that skill anytime this season. (You must still spend the build, but you have a phantom teacher) This is non-transferable, and completely random.
In other news:
The First Event of the season will be a 3day event that will continue where the last 1day left off. This will be an earth-shattering, paradigm-shifting event ... so I urge all of you to come and bring friends.
The date for The Warroom day will be made available here later this week.
The date for the 3-day will be made available here before The Warroom day.
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