Hemlock (hemlock) wrote in digitribe,

Geekin Teaser Trailer - progress report

I have made significant progress on the Geekin' Teaser Trailer in the last few days. It is quickly becoming somthing that I am decently proud of.

I have it up to about 45sec of footage, need to push it another 5-10 for it to be where I need it.

I havn't started on the sound yet. I might get around to that tonight - if not, definatly this weekend. By Monday, I bet I have an almost fully functional trailer if I work hard.

At that point, I will want to screen it for different people, get some feedback and make tweaks as nessisary. If everything with that goes as planned.. there may be an official Teaser Trailer release as early as 3/25/05. How cool is that?

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