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So I wanted to go check the forums over at but I get forwarded to instead. I then thought that maybe it got a new host or something and tried instead.

This was the only other place I knew to post and ask about the website. What happened and why is there a knockoff Tribe on the dot com? Sorry if someone has already explained this a billion times. I have a knack for not knowing what is going on in the grand scheme of things related to my circle of friends.
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The official site is and is a redirect. That redirect seems to be broken due to a problem with LARP we had yesterday. I never noticed because I dont use .org for anything other than email. are pirate hookers and won't give me the domain. I call "marzipan" on them.
Yeah, I think dot net is having the same issues.

I agree on the pirate hookers. They should realize their place on the interweb.
not sure what is up, but you can still get to the forums directly. try this link
Thank you sir!
All fixed
Yay! Thanks a lot.