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Digitribe Chat Room

Introducing the Digitribe Chat Room, a way to interact with the staff of Digitribe and be part of the madness. Staff members come and go, but stop in and say hello! No software required, except for flash

Here's more information about these new chat rooms:
meebo rooms is a neat new product that allows you to connect to other meebo users, friends, and visitors to websites. Think of them as chatrooms, on steroids!

Unlike traditional chatrooms however, we've built in a feature that enables you to create a room, add it to you buddylist (to receive notifications even when you're not in the room), and here's the kicker... embed the same room on your personal profiles and websites, just like meebo me!

What else have we got in store you ask? Media! We listened to you carefully, brought you all in for user studies, and called many more of you on the phone. We know that lots of you love watching YouTube, MetaCafe, and browsing through Flickr. We've incorporated the ability to watch your favorite URLs with your friends, all at once! Got a great link that you found on Digg? Paste it in your room and voila, it's now shared.

And as an added bonus, we've got some awesome partners lined up to help us fill our initial rooms with media. Drum roll please... We've got, Capitol Music Group's Capitol Records and Virgin Records, CNET, College Humor, Flixster, (let me take a breath...), Jive Records, NBC Universal, Pop Sugar, (oooh, more!!!) Popular Mechanics, RockYou, Veoh, Us Weekly's Us TV, and finally VIBE Magazine.

You might have also noticed, after browsing through the rooms, that we've added video advertisements and a sign-off ad. Just like any other meebo feature, we're testing the waters and experimenting with the best ways to integrate revenue generating properties into the service, in a non-intrusive way of course =p. For those of you old-schoolers who still love IE5.5, please continue to use, unfortunately the new rooms feature doesn't play well with older versions.

I'm psyched and pumped that we've finally pushed meebo rooms live. When my finger hit the "enter" key to release to the final server just a mere 5 minutes ago, the team went crazy. We've worked many many hours, eaten a lot of take-out, and watched hundreds of videos to bring this to all of you and we hope you try it out and let us know what you think. Be wary of bugs, we know rooms will be buggy and we appreciate your patience as we iron out all the kinks. It's a great leap for the entire team and we'd love to get your feedback!
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